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Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : Download owner’s manuals and view vehicle-specific how-to videos.

Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : View maintenance schedules, alerts, and Vehicle Diagnostic Information. Schedule service appointments.

Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : View service records from your dealership and add your own.

Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : Select a dealer and view locations, maps, phone numbers, and hours.

Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : Track your vehicle’s warranty information.

Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : View active recalls by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). See Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Buick Encore. Online Owner Center : Manage your profile and payment information. View your GM Rewards Card earnings and My Buick Rewards points.

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Visit the Buick Owner Centre at mybuick.ca (English) or my.buick.ca (French) to access similar benefits to the U.S. site.

    Customer Assistance for Text Telephone (TTY) Users

    To assist customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired and who use Text Telephones (TTYs), Buick has TTY equipment available at its Customer Assistance Center...

    GM Mobility Reimbursement Program

    This program is available to qualified applicants for cost reimbursement, up to certain limits, of eligible aftermarket adaptive equipment required for the vehicle, such as hand controls or a wheelchair/ scooter lift for the vehicle...

    Other information:

    Buick Encore 2020-2024 Owner's Manual: Brake Fluid

    The brake master cylinder reservoir is filled with GM approved DOT 4 brake fluid as indicated on the reservoir cap. See Engine Compartment Overview for the location of the reservoir. Checking Brake Fluid With the vehicle in P (Park) on a level surface, the brake fluid level should be between the minimum and maximum marks on the brake fluid reservoir...

    Buick Encore 2020-2024 Owner's Manual: Prohibited Fuels

    Caution Do not use fuels with any of the following conditions; doing so may damage the vehicle and void its warranty: For vehicles that are not FlexFuel, fuel labeled greater than 15% ethanol by volume, such as mid-level ethanol blends (16–50% ethanol), E85, or FlexFuel...


    Safety Locks

    The rear door safety locks prevent passengers from opening the rear doors from inside the vehicle.

    Manual Safety Locks

    Buick Encore. Safety Locks

    If equipped, the safety lock is located on the inside edge of the rear doors. To use the safety lock:

    Insert the key into the safety lock slot and turn it so the slot is in the horizontal position. Close the door. Do the same for the other rear door.

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