Buick Encore: Bluetooth (Pairing and Using the Phone for 8 Inch Screen) / Making a Call Using Contacts and Recent Calls

Buick Encore 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Infotainment System / Phone / Bluetooth (Pairing and Using the Phone for 8 Inch Screen) / Making a Call Using Contacts and Recent Calls

Calls can be made through the Bluetooth system using personal cell phone contact information for all phones that support the Phone Book feature. Become familiar with the phone settings and operation. Verify the cell phone supports this feature.

When supported, the Contacts and Recent Calls menus are automatically available.

The Contacts menu accesses the phone book stored in the cell phone.

The Recent Calls menu accesses the recent call list(s) from your cell phone.

To make a call using the Contacts menu:

  1. Touch Phone on the Home Page.
  2. Touch Contacts.
  3. Touch the name to call.
  4. Touch the desired contact number to call.

To make a call using the Recent Calls menu:

  1. Touch Phone on the Home Page.
  2. Touch Recent.
  3. Touch the name or number to call.
  4. If necessary, select between Missed, Recent, and Sent calls by touching View in the top right corner of the list.

Making a Call Using the Keypad

To make a call by dialing the numbers:

  1. Touch Phone on the Home Page.
  2. Touch Keypad and enter a phone number.
  3. Touch Call to start dialing the number.

    Switching to Handset or Handsfree Mode

    To switch between handset or handsfree mode, touch Phone on the Home Page to display “Call View.” While the active call is hands-free, touch the Handset option to switch to the handset mode...

    Accepting or Declining a Call

    When an incoming call is received, the infotainment system mutes and a ring tone is heard in the vehicle. Accepting a Call To accept a call: Press on the steering wheel controls...

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