Buick Encore: Starting and Operating / Winter Cover

Buick Encore 2020-2022 Owner's Manual / Driving and Operating / Starting and Operating / Winter Cover

If equipped, the winter cover can be used to enhance heater performance in extremely cold conditions below −7 °C (20 °F). The winter cover installs over the grille and restricts airflow to the engine compartment.

For vehicles that did not come with a winter cover, a winter cover can be purchased. See your dealer for additional information.

When the winter cover is installed, the climate controls AUTO mode may not function properly. Use the manual settings for comfort.

Usage Guidelines

The winter cover should only be used while operating the vehicle in extremely cold temperatures or in heavy snow for extended periods. In these temperatures, the vehicle does not need a large amount of air to properly cool the engine. When more airflow is required to cool the vehicle, the winter cover should not be used. The following usage guidelines will allow adequate airflow for proper radiator and air cooler performance:

  • Do not use the winter cover if towing a trailer. The vehicle may overheat if the radiator is covered while towing.
  • Do not modify the cover. The winter cover does not cover some sections of the front of the vehicle to provide enough airflow.
  • Keep the underside of the winter cover as clean as possible. Remove monthly or as necessary and clean away dust and debris.
  • Do not use the winter cover above −0 °C (32 °F).

Use only a mild soap to clean. Do not use harsh soap, strong detergents, or vinyl protectant/sealant type products as they may damage the special finish. Allow the winter cover to dry completely before reinstalling.

Installation Instructions

When first trying to fit the cover, it may appear to be undersized but will stretch during installation to ensure a tight fit. The initial installation of the cover is best performed when the winter cover is warm.

Buick Encore. Winter Cover

  1. Center the winter grille cover and make sure that it is positioned correctly.

    Buick Encore. Winter Cover

  2. Push the plastic hooks back to engage the grille slats.
  3. Repeat for all hooks to fully engage cover to grille.
  4. Make sure all clips remain engaged during installation. The cover should be stretched to a tight fit when properly installed.

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