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Buick Encore. Parking Brake

To set the parking brake:

  1. Hold the regular brake pedal down.
  2. Pull up firmly on the parking brake handle without pressing the release button.
  3. The brake system warning light will come on, if the ignition is on. See Brake System Warning Light.

To release the parking brake:

  1. Hold the regular brake pedal down.
  2. Pull the parking brake handle up until the release button can be pressed easily.
  3. Hold the release button while lowering the brake handle all the way down.
  4. The brake system warning light will turn off, if the ignition is on.


Driving with the parking brake on can overheat the brake system and cause premature wear or damage to brake system parts. Make sure that the parking brake is fully released and the brake warning light is off before driving.

Driving with the parking brake applied will cause a warning chime to sound and a Driver Information Center (DIC) message may display. Release the parking brake or stop the vehicle.

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    Never leave a child, a helpless adult, or a pet alone in a vehicle, especially with the windows closed in warm or hot weather. They can be overcome by the extreme heat and suffer permanent injuries or even death from heat stroke.

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