Buick Encore: Voice Recognition / Helpful Hints for Speaking Commands

Buick Encore 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Infotainment System / Voice Recognition / Helpful Hints for Speaking Commands

Voice recognition can understand commands that are either naturally stated in sentence form, or direct commands that state the application and the task.

For best results:

  • Listen for the prompt and wait for the beep before saying a command or reply.
  • Say “Help” or look at the infotainment display for example commands.
  • Voice recognition prompt can be interrupted while it is playing by pressing Buick Encore. Helpful Hints for Speaking Commands on the steering wheel controls again. For example, if the prompt seems to be taking too long to finish, to speak the command without waiting for the prompt to complete, press Buick Encore. Helpful Hints for Speaking Commands again and wait for the beep.
  • Speak the command naturally, not too fast, not too slow. Use direct commands without a lot of extra words.
  • Usually Phone and Audio commands can be spoken in a single command.

    For example, “Call David Smith at work,” “Play” followed by the artist or song name, or “Tune” followed by the radio station number.

There is no need to memorize specific command words. Direct commands might be more clearly understood by the system. An example of a direct command would be “Call 555-1212.” Examples of these direct commands are displayed on most of the screens while a voice session is active. If “Phone” or “Phone Commands,” is stated, the system understands that a phone call is requested and will respond with questions until enough details are gathered.

If the phone number has been saved with a name and a place, the direct command should include both, for example “Call David Smith at work.”

    Using Voice Recognition

    Voice recognition becomes available once the system has been initialized. This begins when the ignition is turned on. Initialization may take a few moments...

    Using Voice Recognition for List Options

    When a list is displayed, a voice prompt will ask to confirm or select an option from that list. A selection can be made by manually selecting the item, or by speaking the line number for the item to select...

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    Lap-Shoulder Belt

    All seating positions in the vehicle have a lap-shoulder belt.

    The following instructions explain how to wear a lap-shoulder belt properly.

    Adjust the seat, if the seat is adjustable, so you can sit up straight. To see how, see “Seats” in the Index.

    Buick Encore. Lap-Shoulder Belt

    Pick up the latch plate and pull the belt across you. Do not let it get twisted.

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