Buick Encore: Driver Assistance Systems / Rear Vision Camera (RVC)

Buick Encore 2020-2022 Owner's Manual / Driving and Operating / Driver Assistance Systems / Rear Vision Camera (RVC)

When the vehicle is shifted into R (Reverse), the Rear Vision Camera (RVC) displays an image of the area behind the vehicle in the infotainment display. The previous screen displays when the vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse) after a short delay. To return to the previous screen sooner, press Home or Back on the infotainment system, shift into P (Park), or reach a vehicle speed of approximately 12 km/h (8 mph) while in D (Drive).

Buick Encore. Rear Vision Camera (RVC)

  1. View Displayed by the Camera

Buick Encore. Rear Vision Camera (RVC)

  1. View Displayed by the Camera
  2. Corners of the Rear Bumper

Displayed images may be farther or closer than they appear. The area displayed is limited and objects that are close to either corner of the bumper or under the bumper do not display.

A warning triangle may appear on the infotainment display to show that Rear Park Assist (RPA) or Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) has detected an object. This triangle changes from amber to red and increases in size the closer the object.


The camera(s) do not display children, pedestrians, bicyclists, crossing traffic, animals, or any other object outside of the cameras’ field of view, below the bumper, or under the vehicle. Shown distances may be different from actual distances. Do not drive or park the vehicle using only these camera(s). Always check behind and around the vehicle before driving. Failure to use proper care may result in injury, death, or vehicle damage.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

On vehicles with the RCTA, a warning triangle with a left or right pointing arrow may appear on the infotainment display to warn of traffic coming from the left or the right. Three beeps will sound from the speaker on that side. This system detects objects coming from up to 20 m (65 ft) from the left or right side behind the vehicle. The RCTA system will not work properly if ice, snow, mud, or anything else builds up on the rear bumper sensors.

    Driver Assistance Systems

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    Park Assist

    If equipped, the Front and Rear Park Assist (FRPA) system assists you with parking and avoiding objects. FRPA operates at speeds less than 8 km/h (5 mph)...

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    Safety Locks

    The rear door safety locks prevent passengers from opening the rear doors from inside the vehicle.

    Manual Safety Locks

    Buick Encore. Safety Locks

    If equipped, the safety lock is located on the inside edge of the rear doors. To use the safety lock:

    Insert the key into the safety lock slot and turn it so the slot is in the horizontal position. Close the door. Do the same for the other rear door.

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