Buick Encore: Lighting / Lighting Features

Buick Encore 2020-2022 Owner's Manual / Lighting / Lighting Features

Reading Lamps


Entry Lighting

Some exterior lamps and interior lamps turn on briefly at night, or in areas with limited lighting, when is pressed on the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter...

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Buick Encore 2020-2022 Owner's Manual: Infotainment System Settings

Touch the Radio icon on the infotainment display to access broadcast sources. Touch the Menu icon on the infotainment display to display the following menus: Tone Settings: Bass, Midrange, Treble, or Surround, if equipped: Touch + or – to adjust...

Buick Encore 2020-2022 Owner's Manual: Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System

See Radio Frequency Statement. If there is a decrease in the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) operating range: Check the distance. The transmitter may be too far from the vehicle. Check the location. Other vehicles or objects may be blocking the signal...


Safety Locks

The rear door safety locks prevent passengers from opening the rear doors from inside the vehicle.

Manual Safety Locks

Buick Encore. Safety Locks

If equipped, the safety lock is located on the inside edge of the rear doors. To use the safety lock:

Insert the key into the safety lock slot and turn it so the slot is in the horizontal position. Close the door. Do the same for the other rear door.

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